Professional Tips Related to Your Career Summed Up in a 5-Minute Read


Are you a beginner? Are you new to this job market? Or are you an experienced professional seeking a job change for growth? Then you have landed in the right place. Root Staff can provide you assistance in the career that suits you the best. We assist you with the right career choice based on your interests, skills, experience, and abilities. Our career counseling services begin by aligning as well as optimizing the current requirements and the best practices in the industry. Simultaneously, we help you gain clarity on your job preferences and how to achieve the same. We focus on identifying your interests, abilities, values, and skills via personality tests that ease finding your potential career/careers.
We stay up to date with the present-day market requirements and stay aware of the various challenges one can face while looking out for a job or a change in their career. Root Staff believes in providing personalized counseling and coaching to maximize the relatability or match the individual strengths, aptitudes, skills, values, and preferences to specific job options available in the market.

Our career counseling program includes:

  • Testing/Assessment & Feedback: Apply validated instruments, interpret results, and provide feedback reports that supplement personal development.
  • Resume Writing & Presentation: To critique, develop and help write personal marketing materials, including a career portfolio, resume, personal essay, or CV.
  • Interview Skills Assistance: Prepare and practice communication skills and make a stronger connection with job interviewers by phone, web video, or in person.
  • Job Search Strategy: Design a strategy to organize a job search, target companies, identify open positions, and create and communicate your best value online via social media and print.
  • Training: Assess, Design and Deliver professional development training based on industry needs, general career direction, and career change scenarios.
So, if you are a newbie, recently laid off, looking for a change, or an experienced professional, we can assist you in landing a career that brings out the best in you, especially the one you enjoy most.